With advancement of technology, business norms have changed drastically. More people are opening online stores in hopes to have a sustainable source of income. Setting up an online store require little to no investment. By acquiring the right knowledge and focusing, anyone can build a quality online-business with a loyal customer base.

With multiple options flooding the marketplace, choosing the right products for your online store can be an intimidating experience. Therefore we have listed down a few popular ideas that will help you with your choice.

Specialized Retailer

Every product has a certain market value as there is an audience for everything. Therefore we encourage business owners to find a niche within the market and create a specialty e-commerce store. This will align you with a targeted audience and will generate more options for you to sell your particular product.  Starting off can be quite simple as you will merely require a web-hosting service with an integrated shopping cart and e-commerce software. People tend to trust websites that offer specialized services rather as they find it professional and appealing.

Virtual Consignment Store

Enthusiasts and bargain hunters are always scouting for opportunities to sell their vintage collections and earn some profit. By setting up your independent website and managing your transactions effectively, you can create a brand for your store. Many potential customers don’t have deep pockets and won’t rely on buying new products. By assuring quality to your customers and using high-resolution images, you can stand out from the crowd.

Handmade Craft Seller

Quality handmade items made by skilled craftsmen have significant market due to their elegance. Unique painted glassware, jewelry and other handmade items have a continuous demand in major parts of the world. Setting up an online store that sells these handmade crafts requires minimal investment as purchasing in bulk is really cheap and gives return on investment quickly.


Due to the unprecedented harms associated with smoking, E-cigarettes industry is continuously booming. People tend to find e-cigarettes less dangerous and would use it to inhibit their smoking habits. The market opportunity is huge therefore setting up a quality e-cigarette store can generate huge profit margins for you.

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to set-up an online business but don’t necessarily want to deal with the logistics of it, affiliate marketing is your calling. You can refer and compare products from various online stores and simply direct customers towards them through your website. You will charge a commission on every sale that is a result of your marketing.