Most of us are creative, but we don’t know how to monetize them. In this article, I would should you how to get money selling your crafts online.

So let’s get started.

There are so many online craft marketplaces, but I would advise you to use Etsy. Most of us have heard about Etsy. And if we have not, let me save the day. Etsy is an online craft marketplace that you can sell all your craft and get some money. But first, you have to open an Etsy shop.

But before we start talking about how to open an Etsy shop, let’s talk about what you can sell on Etsy.

 Etsy is an online craft marketplace that gives you the chance to sell your crafts. But the big question is “what can I sell?” as a newbie. You should consider selling what you are best at making. Don’t make the mistake of selling a craft just because it is popular. You should start by selling a craft you love, and you can later expand.

If you think selling your craft isn’t your style, you can also resell vintage items. This is also an excellent option you should consider if you have a tasteful eye for trends or you enjoy spending the weekends at yard sales, thrift shops, and flea markets. You could consider buying some items and resell them on Etsy.

However, if you want to become a successful sale, you should try selling something unique, something you love. Trust me; you would become successful in no time.

Now that we have talked about what you can sell on Etsy let talk about how to set up a shop on Etsy.

If you have decided on what to sell, you need to set up a shop. And this is how to set up a shop.

  1. Give your shop a name. You have to choose a name for your shop. Make sure that you choose a simple and short name. Lengthy names are always easy to forget. And make sure you don’t choose another person’s name.
  1. Get your banner. Your banner is like the front door of your shop. So you have to make sure your banner is very catchy and inviting.
  1. Get a profile picture. Most people would click on your shop because of your profile picture, so make sure your profile picture is catchy.
  1. Fill in all the details. You should make sure that all your details are accurate and fun to read.

Now that you have set up your shop, you have done almost half of the work. All that is left for you  is to list your items and add your prices