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Sell Online Business

Business, be it online or a physical store, needs aggressive advertisement and promotional marketing to create a presence. For a business to be well established, there is a pressing need for a well-thought marketing campaign so that there is brand awareness. Your job as the business owner does not end when you just create an online store. As a matter of fact, the real job begins, when you successfully setup a business online.  An online store can be easily built with an online store builder. You just need to have a clear idea in your mind, to generate the right digital map for your online store. When you are selling products online, in a platform like Shopify, your social media presence is also a necessity, and it all comes under the right advertising.

There are many places where you can market your products free of charge, and as a startup, you should be aware of them so that you can start creating your customer base without extensive spending or incurring of variable costs. Places to look out for free advertising are:

The online directories that have business listings.

There are many online directories with which you can register your business for free, without actually paying any amount of money. You simply need to submit your business name with a few details, and you are ready to go. These websites then will produce your business as the listed relevant business whenever a probable customer is looking for it. When you add links to your URL, on these web listings, the chances of your website coming up in the search engine results increases, thus increasing the likelihood of customer conversion. Some of the free online business directories that you can register with are:

o    Google operated Google My Business

o    Bing

o    EZ local

o    Yellow pages

o    Merchant Circle

o    eLocal

o    Moo directory

o    Local.com

o    Submit Express

o    Insider pages



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Social Media

Social media is one place where anyone and everyone can opt for free business promotion. Today major trends are born on the social media and take our worlds by storm. All you need to worry about is to have a social media account on any or every social media platform that is mentioned below.  The product need not be promoted with a direct, aggressive form of advertisement, but can be introduced to the public through tutorials and Media Influencers. This will help you take benefit and make use of the free opportunity to market your goods the right way:

o    Facebook

o    Pinterest

o    twitter

o    wiki how

o    LinkedIn

o    Buzz feed

Social Bookmarking

These sites require submission of links to your website and they link up information, tutorials or relevant products and pages to your site by embedding the address within. This helps people discover you through a whole new source, a source which they deem as reliable and relevant. You can sign up with such sites, by just submitting your details and business name. Some of the websites that can be looked up are:

o    Digg

o    Reddit

o    Stumble Upon

o    Scoop.it

o    Product Hunt

o    Juxtapost

Right advertising can do wonders!

This is correct, the platforms mentioned above are all free, and thus new businesses can only grab them up as the best possible option to start attracting consumers. The products that are the most visible is the one that sells the most. You need to find a niche for your product amongst the clutter that is there. This is only possible when you have the right strategy to present your product to the world. Being able to showcase your product without spending a dime is an opportunity too good to miss!